Poker Tournaments and Super Positions

A price tournament means only that you get the full cost of your purchase. These games are profitable and very profitable. You can find them on most sites, especially for those who all the time do not have a large number of players online. These poker tournaments usually have a fair purchase, but poker rooms add money, sometimes it can reach $ 800 or a large tournament with guaranteed payouts.

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What makes it an advantage for you is that the number of registered players is minimal at best.

Suppose you decide to play $ 2500 GP with a purchase of $ 20. In some large networks you can easily see an increase in registration in some of them up to more than 500. Using the basic payment structure in this room and if you declare that 540 registered players will be equivalent to paying a prize fund of 20.5%, if you place first, you will be paid $ 2624. Of course, it looks very good. It means, now that you have paid $ 20 and won over $ 2,000, but do you have the opportunity to do it regularly?

Now let’s look at one of the smaller rooms. With the same number of purchases in a smaller room with little traffic, a GP of $ 8,000 is offered. The average number of players registered in this room for this particular game is 150. Using the same standard payment structure, 150 registered players will equal 26% of prize fund; their winnings will be 2080 dollars.

Now people probably sitting and thinking well and a low-traffic room is $ 600 less than another, so why should they worry about this game when they can win more on another site? That is where value comes into play. The high traffic room offers a big prize pool. It seems attractive, however, will have to deal with the number of other players for this prize pool. For a registrant of more than 500 players, this can be a daunting task. Where, as in the other room, there are fewer players for the same purchase, which is almost the same first prize. So which dominoqq can give you more for your money, so to speak?


This is where players must “buy” for their games. People are not saying that you should exclude big games, but for money management purposes you need to consider all aspects of each game. Playing on the field with more than 500 players in each tournament can get along very quickly in your bankroll, and finding great overlays will help you save the losses that you can get in some of the larger games you like to play.