What Does The Royal King Rewards Program Have To Offer?

Are you a gambling fan? Let me rephrase that question for you, are you a betting fan? Then, we got you a very exciting deal, well it is more of a program, the Royal Kings Rewards Program is an amazing opportunity to earn some easy money.

What does the Royal King have to offer?

The Royal King is a sports betting website and it has been in the market for twenty long years which is very rare for a sports betting website. Their longevity is enough to confirm that they are a reliable website, also the reason for their 20 years life span (and more in the future) is dull because of the customers who trust them. The website is very secure, hence it is safe to transfers accounts and also they have customer service available 24/7 along with easy and fast payouts. The website is Fair Gaming Certified and has a reputation for fairness and expediency that no other sports betting website could ever obtain.

On the website there are six options:

  1. Sportsbook: You can earn money by betting on sports of your choice.
  2. Live Betting: You can bet on live games, at every second and earn some money.
  3. Racebook: You can also bet on horses during horse racing earn some good amount.
  4. Esports: Under this category, you can join other millennials, about millions of them to bet on different video games.
  5. Entertainment: You can bet of award shows, reality TV shows, financial markets, politics and more.
  6. Casino: You can also participate in the online casino, spin the wheel, roll the dice and get paid.

What is the Royal King Rewards Program?

First of all, it is very easy to access Royal Kings but earning rewards on the website is way easier, all you have to do is open an account on the site and start betting on the sports. If you want to enter the BetPoints Loyalty Program then you have to deposit three hundred dollars or more on the first deposit.

Now comes the Royal King Rewards Program, the program has three levels- the Gold, Platinum, and Diamond levels. Each of the levels has different advantages.

  1. The Gold level is instantly awarded after you deposit.
  2. You will get into the Platinum level once you have earned 30,000 BetPoints in twelve months.
  3. You will get into the Diamond level after you have earned 300,000 BetPoints in twelve months.