House rules


Five card-draw is also known as Cantrell draw. This Poker variant is the most simple form of all variations. Because of this, it is often the first type of Poker taught to beginners. It is famous at home games and rarely played in casinos and tournaments. Some online venues offer this Dewa Poker game, although it is not as popular as Texas Hold’Em or Seven-Card Stud.

During casino plays, the first betting round starts with the player on the left from the big blind. And then, the next rounds start from the dealer’s left. The ante is usually used during home games. Here, the first betting begins with the player on the dealer’s left. After that, the second round starts with the player that opened the first round.

House rules

In some places, there is a typical “house rule” that limits the number of cards a player can replace to three. Unless they discard four cards while keeping an ace or wild card then draw four cards. This house rule is helpful in low-stake social games. In these kinds of games, there are a lot of players that stay for the draw. It will help in the depletion of the deck.

There is another common house rule wherein the bottom card of the deck is never to become a replacement card. It is to avoid the chance that a person has seen the last card and used that information. What if the deck only has one more left, and the players are still unfinished replacing cards?


The players can get the cards chosen at random from the discarded cards of other players. For example, the last player wants to draw three cards, and the deck has two cards remaining. The dealer will give the player the top card remaining from the deck. The dealer will then shuffle together the cards. Included in the shuffling are the burn card (last one from the deck) and the other players’ discarded cards. The dealer will then deal two cards to the player.

How to play

The game starts when each of the players receives five cards, one at a time. All cards must face down. Put aside all the remaining cards on the deck. Protect it by using a chip or marker on top of it. Players then pick up the cards and hold them, making sure that others will not see their cards. After that, a round of betting begins.

The “draw” phase starts if there is more than one player left after the first round. Each player will announce the number of cards they decide to replace and discards them. The players will now use the deck. Each player will receive from the deck the same amount of cards they dumped. That will ensure that all players will still have five cards each.

The second betting starts from the player on the dealer’s left or from the player that opened the first betting. Here, all the players will again place their bets for the last time. If there is more than one player left after that, there will be a “showdown.” A showdown is where all the remaining players show their hand combinations. The player with the best hand combination is the winner.